Speaker at the IoTSWC 2022


Speaker at the IoTSWC 2022

On Thursday, we were guests at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona and had the opportunity to present our company and our product RaffSun on the international stage as a selected partner of KNX within the KNX Startup Incubator program.

As the name already suggests, everything here revolved around the topic of IoT (“Internet of Things”) and its application areas in practice. So why were we there with RaffSun as a speaker in the first place?

The answer quickly emerges when you take a look at one of RaffSun’s components, namely our eControl (intelligent control). This is exactly where we bridge the gap between RaffSun (the smart photovoltaic shading) and the topic area of IoT.

Our eControl is a real all-rounder, because with it we combine the following efficiently and reliably in just one product:

  1. clear and central connection of all components and additional components in one place > no incomprehensible cable tangle.
  2. easy integration of RaffSun into many Building Automation and SmartHome systems > no need to get used to other control systems and no additional apps are required. With us, you simply use your familiar environment.
  3. maximum flexibility for individual customer requirements > We ourselves have developed the eControl both on the hardware and software side. So we have the possibility to make individual adjustments at any time.

    And the best:
  4. fully automatic maximization of the power yield of the electricity generated by RaffSun is activated at the push of a button. > Our intelligent control system automatically varies the angle of the slats to generate the maximum electricity yield. And to keep the customer comfortable, he can decide what is allowed and what is not.

For us as founders, it is a great experience and a good sign at the same time to be positioned here at this event alongside other major manufacturers.