Award ceremony changes.Award 2019

Award ceremony changes.Award 2019

After the beautiful final of the changes.AWARD there was of course also the award ceremony. Not only all the others were curious who had taken the first three places, but of course we as well, because we could not decide the final result of the jury. On Sunday the park festival Cromfort started at 11am and the 12 teams had the chance to present their ideas as attractive as possible for the visitors. The effort was not only for the beautiful design of the park festival, but also for a prize, the spectator prize, which was rewarded with tickets for the Mitsubishi Electric hall.

At 14 o’clock the time had come. The teams got more and more excited and we were able to put ourselves in their position quite well, because we were facing the same situation exactly one year ago. After the teams had gathered on the stage, speeches were held by Mayor Pesch, Georg Jennen, Wolfgang Küppers, Andreas Wagner and Susanne Thormählen, who kept the tension between the allocation of prizes alive for a long time.
The winning teams were called by Christian Pannes, who
also provided the moderating framework for the entire event, and
was also a member of the jury.

Our successor was the team Brainixx, which developed an app for learning in sleep. Congratulations again and a lot of fun in Tokyo one year from now. Also to praise are the 2nd and 3rd place, which will travel to Barcelona and Munich.

The journey for the 2nd place will be made by team Autisy and even two teams (team I.O.L. & team Retina Scan)  will travel in the coming year to Munich.

This Sunday was once again a beautiful day and a great reminder of our success last year. We wish all teams continued success!

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