Pitch Training


Pitch Training

Again and again we are confronted with the situation that we are asked to present our idea in the form of a pitch and each time we prepare ourselves for such a presentation. Of course, we always give each other feedback and tips, because this is the only way we can improve.

Providing mutual feedback is important and we will never stop giving it, but we still take it as a change of perspective when we suddenly get the chance to take part in a professional pitch training course organised exclusively for us.

In our first session we pitched our prepared presentation to Georgis Tesfamariam. After a round of feedback, of course also from each of us, we presented again and then analyzed the difference. After working out further details together and receiving additional know-how of an expert, we brainstormed together which goal we wanted to achieve by the next session.

We were well prepared for our second session and were able to apply the knowledge we had learned. Georgis was convinced that the presentation had had a completely different effect on him and that we had implemented many new ideas. Nevertheless, we worked on further improvements until the end of the meeting, because there can be no perfect presentation for the general public.

We are happy that we did this training for us and would like to thank Georgis Tesfamariam once again for all his suggestions, advice and constructive feedback.

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