Our first product deals with the problem of unused window surfaces and the often unpleasant heat indoors in summer. These problems are exacerbated by the growing trend towards more and larger windows, especially in office buildings. RaffSun scores by using window areas to generate energy. We are currently developing a smart and intelligent control system for our shading system:


Save money

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With 24,000 kW/h electricity you could drive around the world 3 times with the Tesla Model 3.

By generating ø 800 kWh/a of electricity per module, customers* save an average of € 4,800 per year on their electricity costs.

All in one

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Components from our Product are: External blinds, solar cells, inverters, building automation, intelligent control.

RaffSun combines solar systems and sun protection in only one product.

Green energy

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11,400 kg CO2 correspond to the CO2 emission of the flight Frankfurt - New York 9 times!

RaffSun* saves up to 11,400 kg CO2 in just one year.

*30 installed modules


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The RaffSun module is composed of various components that make RaffSun truly unique.

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