1. What is the lifespan of a RaffSun module? ►
2. How complex are the construction measures that are necessary for a professional installation? ►
3. Does RaffSun need to be cleaned in between and if so, how often? ►
4. How many times has RaffSun been used? ►
5. How can RaffSun be controlled? ►
6. Who installs the modules? ►
7. How long does it take to install RaffSun and does it interfere with work within the office building? ►
8. How is RaffSun purified? ►
9. Does RaffSun have an effect on the cleaning of the windows? ►
10. Who can clean RaffSun? ►
11. How does the electricity get into my building and into the sockets? ►
12. Can the electricity be stored? ►
13. What happens to the electricity on the weekend? ►
14. What happens if a single slat is broken? ►
15. How is RaffSun mounted at great heights? ►
16. Where is RaffSun manufactured? ►
17. does RaffSun also exist in other countries than Germany? (Available abroad as of when) ►