Internal Demo Day – STARTPLATZ Accelerator programme


Internal Demo Day – STARTPLATZ Accelerator programme

On May 6th the Internal Demo Day took place in Cologne, Germany. All Start-ups of Batches 18 took part. So we were also there and were allowed to present our development of the last three months (Phase 1) as one of the 16 start-ups. Everybody did a lot and we got to know many new things.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day we still didn’t manage to get into the 2nd phase. We were a bit disappointed, but after a conversation with the jury it turned out that it is not necessarily our process, but more our current status. With our start-up, we are not yet ready, like other start-ups, to accept the growth support offered by STARTPLATZ in Phase 2. In about three months we would have the chance again to move on to the next round. Of course this didn’t demotivate us, but encouraged us to continue working on our idea and to get one step closer to our goal. We are always aware that our idea can only grow with challenges.

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