Tokyo 2019


Tokyo 2019

Tokyo 2019 – After one year it was finally time for us to redeem our prize from the changes.Award 2018. As a winning team we went to the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

After the long flight there was no long rest on Wednesday, but directly a trip into the city to try the first local food. After that we did some sightseeing in the heights. The Tokyo Skytree gave us an overview of the whole city and for the first time made us aware of the dimensions of the city. At the end of the first evening we could enjoy a dinner over the rooftops of Tokyo in a Rooftop Bar.

On Thursday and Friday, of course, we also had some events with Mitsubishi Electric on the agenda. We were allowed to present our idea at the headquarters in Tokyo and talk about Mitsubishi Electric and our project. After lunch in another building we could see the complete exhibition of Mitsubishi Electric, which is rather a very interactive exhibition, which playfully deals with the areas of Mitsubishi Electric.

The following day we travelled to Shizuoka, where we had a very interesting tour through the factory to learn more about air conditioning production. There was also an exhibition where we were allowed to become active again. Here we could go into a room cooled on minus degrees and later select from 3 selectable air conditioning systems those without any errors.

Beside the excursions to Mitsubishi Electric we also explored the city extensively. Among the travel highlights were an excursion to the district Akihabara, the visit of the Toshogu shrine in Nikko, the visit and leisure on the artificial island Odaiba or also the Shibuya crossing. In order to also get some culture in us, we could also try a lot of Japanese food in between. From Sushi and fish over ramen up to different desserts we could try everything. With our travel companion, our guide and our former teacher we had a lot of fun, could learn and see a lot. We liked the trip so much that we would have liked to stay even longer. We are very grateful to Mitsubishi Electric for this incredibly great prize and the great organisation. So here’s a big THANK YOU!

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