Visit in Jülich


Visit in Jülich

The visit in Jülich was planned for the 12th December 2018, after our joyful receiving of the invitation. To start on time, we arrived one day before and could enjoy a great dinner together. At the crucial day we, together with our head teacher and our mentoring teacher, were lead through different parts of the areal and illuminated about several promotion programmes.

The guidance for example went trough the Supercomputing Centre JSC, the Institution of Energy and Climate Research in Photovoltaics and the Membrane Centre as well as trough the clean room. During the conduct we were able to ask everything we were interested in, learnt a lot at the same time and gained impressions. In the further course of the day we got to know the management board member Mr Prof Sebastian Schmidt and also talked with him about our idea and project. All in all we enjoyed this trip a lot and can assert that we gained many impressions in the possibilities of research. Additionally we were able to receive much knowledge and socialise, what surely is a very big advantage in future.

Conversation with the management board member Mr Prof Sebastian Schmidt
source: FZJ

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