Kick-off-Event: STARTPLATZ

The kick-off event of the STARTPLATZ Accelerator Program took place on February 5th and 6th in Cologne. On the first day the event started with an introduction and welcome, where we were informed about the next steps and the program of these two days. Afterwards we got together in a typical “Speed-dating” position and got to know the other start-ups. The routine of exchange and writing a One Sentence Pitch for the other start-up was always the same. Obviously we had a little advantage, because of our manpower. Besides we got to know many very interesting ideas and were surprised about the know-how of the others.

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Kick-off Event changes.Award

Today there was the beginning of the changes.Award 2019 at Mitsubishi Electric in Ratingen. The kick-off event created a whole day with an individual and instructive program. Amongst other things we as winner of the changes.Award 2018 were invited to take part and present our final presentation again. In course of that we were allowed to share our experiences with the new teams and were glad to give them advice in personal conversations. In addition we met many friends we got to know during the award.

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Visit in Jülich

The visit in Jülich was planned for the 12th December 2018, after our joyful receiving of the invitation. To start on time, we arrived one day before and could enjoy a great dinner together. At the crucial day we, together with our head teacher and our mentoring teacher, were lead through different parts of the areal and illuminated about several promotion programmes.

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Finale changes.Award

The finale of the changes.Award took place at the 14th June 2018. On this day we could present the results we have elaborated for a few month in front of a high-ranking jury mixed of specialist from economy and culture. Every team out of the eight got a short feedback after their presentations, but all states about the final winner were retained till Sunday, 17th June at the official award ceremony.

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After we have bunched our idea, we had to look for appropriate partners in the sunblind industry. Therefore we informed extensively and came upon DuoTherm located in the Eifel. In Sequence a few calls and a meeting in Ratingen, there was a further meeting scheduled.

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