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Live and work sustainable with Solaregy blinds


Our first product deals with the difficulty of unused window area and the in summertime uncomfortable heat in inside space. Those problems become more important especially because of the increasing trend to more and bigger windows in office buildings. RaffSun scores by using the unused window area for the generation of power. Therefore we are developing a smart and intelligent control for our shading system:

Our smart control is making it possible to control your shading system from everywhere as well as in a habitual way. Also switch systems without cabling are possible.
Additionally installed sensors will detect any risks for the blinds and will, if wished, automatically avert the problem.


With our intelligent control, you don't have to worry about the power generation:
The system automatically detects the optimal position and applies it directly without you having to do anything.
Of course we also provide an additional manual mode to avoid interference from unwanted changes in the position of the shading system.

To make RaffSun even more attractive, we also offer you several kinds to use your cleanly generated energy.
You can use it directly for self-consumption, but it is also possible to feed in or store the generated energy.

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You are interested? Then configure your individual Solaregy external blinds: