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  • 2019

McDermott Startup Night in Düsseldorf

30. Aug 19

On August 28th we were invited to the McDermott Startup Night in Düsseldorf. On this evening McDermott Will & Emery organized an event under the motto “How to Start-Up” together with the STARTPLATZ. The reason to celebrate? McDermott Will & Emery has recently joined STARTPLATZ as a new partner and is ready to assist young entrepreneurs in legal matters.

On this evening some lawyers of the law firm introduced themselves and answered the first questions. After another round of introductions by the 20 guests, the event was followed by a get-together with sushi and drinks. Here we were able to get to know all the attorneys and could also confront them directly with our legal questions or involve them in a discussion. Here we were able to get more advice and make contacts than we had thought and are glad that we were able to participate in this event.

We look forward to the continued support of McDermott Will & Emery and thank them for the wonderful evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

Pitch Training

05. Aug 19

Again and again we are confronted with the situation that we are asked to present our idea in the form of a pitch and each time we prepare ourselves for such a presentation. Of course, we always give each other feedback and tips, because this is the only way we can improve.

Providing mutual feedback is important and we will never stop giving it, but we still take it as a change of perspective when we suddenly get the chance to take part in a professional pitch training course organised exclusively for us.

In our first session we pitched our prepared presentation to Georgis Tesfamariam. After a round of feedback, of course also from each of us, we presented again and then analyzed the difference. After working out further details together and receiving additional know-how of an expert, we brainstormed together which goal we wanted to achieve by the next session.

We were well prepared for our second session and were able to apply the knowledge we had learned. Georgis was convinced that the presentation had had a completely different effect on him and that we had implemented many new ideas. Nevertheless, we worked on further improvements until the end of the meeting, because there can be no perfect presentation for the general public.

We are happy that we did this training for us and would like to thank Georgis Tesfamariam once again for all his suggestions, advice and constructive feedback.

Tokyo 2019

30. Jul 19

Tokyo 2019 – After one year it was finally time for us to redeem our prize from the changes.Award 2018. As a winning team we went to the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

After the long flight there was no long rest on Wednesday, but directly a trip into the city to try the first local food. After that we did some sightseeing in the heights. The Tokyo Skytree gave us an overview of the whole city and for the first time made us aware of the dimensions of the city. At the end of the first evening we could enjoy a dinner over the rooftops of Tokyo in a Rooftop Bar.

On Thursday and Friday, of course, we also had some events with Mitsubishi Electric on the agenda. We were allowed to present our idea at the headquarters in Tokyo and talk about Mitsubishi Electric and our project. After lunch in another building we could see the complete exhibition of Mitsubishi Electric, which is rather a very interactive exhibition, which playfully deals with the areas of Mitsubishi Electric.

The following day we travelled to Shizuoka, where we had a very interesting tour through the factory to learn more about air conditioning production. There was also an exhibition where we were allowed to become active again. Here we could go into a room cooled on minus degrees and later select from 3 selectable air conditioning systems those without any errors.

Beside the excursions to Mitsubishi Electric we also explored the city extensively. Among the travel highlights were an excursion to the district Akihabara, the visit of the Toshogu shrine in Nikko, the visit and leisure on the artificial island Odaiba or also the Shibuya crossing. In order to also get some culture in us, we could also try a lot of Japanese food in between. From Sushi and fish over ramen up to different desserts we could try everything. With our travel companion, our guide and our former teacher we had a lot of fun, could learn and see a lot. We liked the trip so much that we would have liked to stay even longer. We are very grateful to Mitsubishi Electric for this incredibly great prize and the great organisation. So here’s a big THANK YOU!

Award ceremony changes.Award 2019

08. Jul 19

After the beautiful final of the changes.AWARD there was of course also the award ceremony. Not only all the others were curious who had taken the first three places, but of course we as well, because we could not decide the final result of the jury. On Sunday the park festival Cromfort started at 11am and the 12 teams had the chance to present their ideas as attractive as possible for the visitors. The effort was not only for the beautiful design of the park festival, but also for a prize, the spectator prize, which was rewarded with tickets for the Mitsubishi Electric hall.

At 14 o’clock the time had come. The teams got more and more excited and we were able to put ourselves in their position quite well, because we were facing the same situation exactly one year ago. After the teams had gathered on the stage, speeches were held by Mayor Pesch, Georg Jennen, Wolfgang Küppers, Andreas Wagner and Susanne Thormählen, who kept the tension between the allocation of prizes alive for a long time.
The winning teams were called by Christian Pannes, who
also provided the moderating framework for the entire event, and
was also a member of the jury.

Our successor was the team Brainixx, which developed an app for learning in sleep. Congratulations again and a lot of fun in Tokyo one year from now. Also to praise are the 2nd and 3rd place, which will travel to Barcelona and Munich.

The journey for the 2nd place will be made by team Autisy and even two teams (team I.O.L. & team Retina Scan)  will travel in the coming year to Munich.

This Sunday was once again a beautiful day and a great reminder of our success last year. We wish all teams continued success!

Startupteens Finale Berlin

29. Jun 19

Our trip to Berlin is over and now we have time to report. On Friday, June 28, 2019 we were invited to the Startupteens Finale in Berlin. The Startupteens competition is a nationwide known business plan competition, where students between 14 and 19 years have the chance to implement their own ideas and get closer to Entrepreneurship.
After submitting the business plans, we successfully completed the voting round and were ready for the grand finale on Friday in the Axel Springer House in Berlin. After the greeting of Hauke Schwiezer (founder & managing director of Startupteens GmbH) and the welcoming speech of Dr. Stephanie Caspar (President Technology and Data at Axel Springer SE) and Philipp Pausder (founder & CEO at Thermondo GmbH) we could hear the lecture of Alex Giesecke and Nico Schork, both from simpleclub, under the motto “Live your dream!” Later we got to know them personally. At 12 am we started with the pitches of the 21 finalists in 7 categories. Our pitch time was set for 13:30 o’clock. Until then we waited longingly for our prototype, which had to find its way to Berlin by mail. Because of the great organization he was available just in time and waited for us in front of the presentation room on the 19th floor. A stroke of luck! Following further rounds of talks, the award ceremony began, which we have of course been waiting for for a long time.
The tension increased until we were called for the 2nd place in the category Education&Smart Living.
Afterwards there were the Inspiring Digital Tables in the Journalists Club. In three rounds we were allowed to network on different tables and got to know many interesting people: Numerous founders and entrepreneurs with a lot of experience, know-how and interesting conversations. Finally there was a dinner and of course networking. The day was very long but very interesting and of course helpful.

Group picture with all Startup Teens finalists and Peter Altmaier (German Federal Minister of Economics and Energy)
Photo source: STARTUP TEENS, photographers Tobias Rücker, Regina Sablotny

Grand Finale changes.AWARD 2019

28. Jun 19

On 27 June 2019, the time had come again for the participants of the changes.award to present their ideas at the grand finale. This time we were not there as participants, but were invited to sit in the jury to give them our impressions.

The submitted business plans had interesting solutions under the topic Society 5.0 and were presented in a very good way.

As last year’s winners, this time we were able to watch the presentations in a relaxed manner and had a completely different perspective on the implementation and elaboration. In addition to interesting conversations with the participants, we were also able to talk to the jury members and other supporters of the competition.

All in all, we see the competition as a great opportunity to take a look at entrepreneurship and are happy that we were able to give the go-ahead for our idea in 2018. Therefore, we are especially grateful to Mitsubishi Electric and the Freunde und Förderer Industriemuseum Cromford e. V. for hosting this competition and to Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH for supporting this competition.

source picture: Mitsubishi Electric

Internal Demo Day – STARTPLATZ Accelerator programme

08. May 19

On May 6th the Internal Demo Day took place in Cologne, Germany. All Start-ups of Batches 18 took part. So we were also there and were allowed to present our development of the last three months (Phase 1) as one of the 16 start-ups. Everybody did a lot and we got to know many new things. Unfortunately, at the end of the day we still didn’t manage to get into the 2nd phase. We were a bit disappointed, but after a conversation with the jury it turned out that it is not necessarily our process, but more our current status. With our start-up, we are not yet ready, like other start-ups, to accept the growth support offered by STARTPLATZ in Phase 2. In about three months we would have the chance again to move on to the next round. Of course this didn’t demotivate us, but encouraged us to continue working on our idea and to get one step closer to our goal. We are always aware that our idea can only grow with challenges.

Kick-off-Event: STARTPLATZ

08. Feb 19

The kick-off event of the STARTPLATZ Accelerator Program took place on February 5th and 6th in Cologne. On the first day the event started with an introduction and welcome, where we were informed about the next steps and the program of these two days. Afterwards we got together in a typical “Speed-dating” position and got to know the other start-ups. The routine of exchange and writing a One Sentence Pitch for the other start-up was always the same. Obviously we had a little advantage, because of our manpower. Besides we got to know many very interesting ideas and were surprised about the know-how of the others. After the lunch break we had to check a few formalities, but afterwards we were all asked to pitch our idea in front of the others in three minutes. During this pitch-time there was an investment game, were we all should distribute our fictional money to the other start-ups. In the end the results got presented: “Who got the most money?”. Solaregy was positioned on the 4th grade of the 21 start-ups in batch #18, what means that we were quite convincing with our pitch. In the end of the day it was pizza time. While eating there was time to get to know all people around STARTPLATZ. We already knew that we can learn a lot from the others and that’s not because of our age, but more because of the great community, open mindedness and internationality at STARTPLATZ. In this batch start-ups from Brasilia, America, Russia, etc. are represented. In addition we met Martha again, who we got to know at the kick-off event of the changes.Award 2019.

On Wednesday our day in Cologne started with a speech about lean-canvas and the workshop for this day. Afterward we were asked to fill out our own lean-canvas. It is always good to write down the idea again and again and to think about potential problems. Finally we were allowed to keep the lean-canvas; now we can change our idea or add information whenever we want.

All in all the kick-off event was great and we are looking forward to what we will learn next at STARTPLATZ in the further month.

source picture: STARTPLATZ

Kick-off Event changes.Award

29. Jan 19

Today there was the beginning of the changes.Award 2019 at Mitsubishi Electric in Ratingen. The kick-off event created a whole day with an individual and instructive program. Amongst other things we as winner of the changes.Award 2018 were invited to take part and present our final presentation again. In course of that we were allowed to share our experiences with the new teams and were glad to give them advice in personal conversations. In addition we met many friends we got to know during the award. Of course we talked to Georg Jennen about our pursuit of our idea and about his will to help us if there is any need, but also to Christian Pannes a communication-trainer. Together we took part in an elocution workshop. In addition we took part in the workshop called “founding-team-matching” lead by Martha Giannakoudi, who we got to know at this day. She is working at Startplatz and also gave us a very positive feedback for presenting and our appearance. Furthermore she keeps intensively busy with our team matching and the analysis of that. In the end of the day we all agreed that we learnt a lot again. Moreover we are happy to be welcome at Mitsubishi Electric in Ratingen any time and that there are many contact persons that can help us if we need their help.

STARTPLATZ Accelerator

23. Jan 19

A few weeks ago we got to know the STARTPLATZ Accelerator programm and were motivated to apply. In course of that we were invited to pitch our idea in Düsseldorf at the STARTPLATZ office.  Apparently we presented our idea convincing, because only one week later we got the acceptance to be a member of the batch 18 round. We are looking forward to this time and are curious what we will achieve together.

Visit in Jülich

13. Dec 18

The visit in Jülich was planned for the 12th December 2018, after our joyful receiving of the invitation. To start on time, we arrived one day before and could enjoy a great dinner together. At the crucial day we, together with our head teacher and our mentoring teacher, were lead through different parts of the areal and illuminated about several promotion programmes. The guidance for example went trough the Supercomputing Centre JSC, the Institution of Energy and Climate Research in Photovoltaics and the Membrane Centre as well as trough the clean room. During the conduct we were able to ask everything we were interested in, learnt a lot at the same time and gained impressions. In the further course of the day we got to know the management board member Mr Prof Sebastian Schmidt and also talked with him about our idea and project. All in all we enjoyed this trip a lot and can assert that we gained many impressions in the possibilities of research. Additionally we were able to receive much knowledge and socialise, what surely is a very big advantage in future.

Conversation with the management board member Mr Prof Sebastian Schmidt
source pictures: FZJ

A meeting with Peter Beyer

08. Sep 18

As winner of the changes.Awards we were invited from Peter Beyer at the, member of the Bundestag 7th September 2018. Together we talked about our idea, our goals and the further plans. He asserts that he would like to support us and is willed to stand by in the further career we are going. Hence he reported Anja Karliczek of our success and she agreed with him and decided that our intelligent and innovative projection should be promoted with the connection of appropriate networks in economy and research. In addition he talked to federal minister Mr Peter Aktmaier, who assured us of the examination of our innovation in special fields of the BmWi and for advancement.  In the same course we were invited to the research centre in Jülich.

source: ©Peter Beyer MdB

Invitation of the Japanese ambassador

04. Jul 18

Because of our trip to Tokyo in summer 2019 as winner of the changes.Award the Japanese ambassador from Düsseldorf invited us at the second of July. As well as the winner team of 2017 we were asked to present our idea in front of all attendees. After further address of welcome by the ambassador and the mayor of Ratingen there was enough time for many interesting talks with colleagues from Mitsubishi and “Freunde und Förderer Indusitriemuseum Cromford e.V.” as well as with new partners.

Finale changes.Award

18. Jun 18

The finale of the changes.Award took place at the 14th June 2018. On this day we could present the results we have elaborated for a few month in front of a high-ranking jury mixed of specialist from economy and culture. Every team out of the eight got a short feedback after their presentations, but all states about the final winner were retained till Sunday, 17th June at the official award ceremony.

On this day we presented our idea again as part of the Cromforter park festival and received the first place of the business plan contest afterwards. Thereby we won a trip to Tokyo as well as an internship at Mitsubishi Electric in Ratingen.

Meeting with mayor of Ratingen

08. Jun 18

In summer 2018 we also met our mayor of Ratingen Klaus-Konrad Pesch. Topic of our conversation was the practicability of our innovation in Ratingen. The integration in office buildings in Ratingen is not to eliminate, but to satisfy this there is much work to do.


19. Apr 18

After we have bunched our idea, we had to look for appropriate partners in the sunblind industry. Therefore we informed extensively and came upon DuoTherm located in the Eifel. In Sequence a few calls and a meeting in Ratingen, there was a further meeting scheduled. We met at DuoTherm and got guidance through the manufacturing process and the whole operation. We gained a big insight and learnt a lot. DuoTherm is a great partner, what gave us a part of our prototype for the changes.Award, which we got this day. All in all we are looking forward to a good relationship with the company DuoTherm.