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Live and work sustainable with Solaregy blinds


Solaregy GbR´s mission is to fulfill our everyday life with sustainability. Consequently we are focusing on the energy transition. In this way we are an essential part of the composition of our sustainable, green and advanced world. As innovative start-up we want to concentrate on the potential of unused windows.

Everybody knows we are living in a community with increasing energy consumption. Only by thinking about the first steps of every day, we unconsciously use many electronic devices, e.g. alarm clock or toaster. This fact alone does not completely prove a negative value, because electricity brings us to further development and to success. The crucial point is where our energy comes from. Known ways of electricity generation, such as nuclear energy or coal, can no longer be carried by our environment. For this we need an alternative and we offer it with the Solaregy GbR.


Our first product RaffSun deals with the common problem of energy usage and the disadvantages of power generation. Sunlight doesn't stop in front of glass and increases the temperature in rooms, which leads to our solution.
With RaffSun we are offering a product that devotes the still unused window area for power generation and is a shading system at the same time. [Learn more]

We - Morris Haid, Florian Legermann, Clara Pirkl and Romy Probst - got firstly together because of a founding competition. In the course of this phase we complemented each other and improved our cooperation, thereby we can operate as a well-organized team with our individual strengths. [Learn more]

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Interested? Contact us! We look forward to your questions and comments. [Learn more]

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